Akai OseiEdit

Akai Milan Osei is a British street dancer. He won the TV show Got to Dance in 2010.[1] It is reported that he was inspired by Michael Jackson, Diversity, Flawless and Chris Brown.

Osei was born in Lambeth.

He appears in the film StreetDance 3D alongside Diversity, George Sampson and Flawless.[2] Osei also appeared in Boy Blue's street dance hip hop show Pied Piper - A Hip-Hop Dance Revolution, along with 60 other people.

Osei appeared in the music video for the N-Dubz song "We Dance On" in 2010, which was the main song on the soundtrack for the film StreetDance 3D. He also appeared in an advert for Ministry of Sound Street Dance 2010 CD. Osei has joined the cast of Into the Hoods.[3] Osei also appeared on Blue Peter in mid 2010. Osei also featured in annual dance show "Streets Ahead" in London 2010. Which featured many dance crews and schools including Peridot. He is featured in Wretch 32's song Unorthodox featuring Example. He is seen dancing on a rooftop. In July 2011, Akai was a judge on a talent show on Disney Channel called "Shake It Up Dance Dance".